painter / designer

Or liquide

My digital creations

A true artistic approach.
An imaginary 3D landscape is created in the computer whereby the only limit is the artists imagination. A variety of forms, one even stranger than the other. A unique world, created by the artist himself. Spectacular images are born by applying creative textures and special lighting to these objects.

As a photographer in the real world, the artist walks through the scenery of this virtual 3D world while taking snapshots. No need to go through ‘photoshop’. These images are what you actually see in this virtual world. And according to the press ... "The result is amazing. Undulating shapes, moving volumes, hot or metallic tints, stretched and battered molten materials, a macro approach to an unknown substance. Beautiful abstractions."

To finally transform the virtual photos into real photos, these digital images are printed by a professional printing press. The support may vary. Photo paper, aluminum, plexiglass or canvas. Even the size can be adjusted.


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